Bridal Table

The Bridal Table is for the Wedding Party only. Inform us of children in the Wedding Party and the need for booster seats or high chairs. Once the Wedding Party is seated we have your Blessing and toast. The Wedding Party and family tables are served immediately after.

Family Tables

We request the family table seating to be at a minimum with immediate family only. Parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, and clergy should be at the family tables. You may designate other relatives on your seating chart as a beginning table to be called to the buffet first or served in the case of a sit-down dinner. Place cards should also be used for the family tables.

Your seating chart should be turned in to the manager two weeks before your affair. You are to indicate how many people will be seated at each table and any tables you wish to be taken out. Please put your total count on the chart. Don’t forget to include the photographers, disc jockeys or band members in your count. Click for our Seating Chart: Hall Seating Chart .

Schedule ~ The meal will be ready to be served at the time you specify. Please coordinate this with your photographer and D.J. Please be courteous to your guests so that they are not kept waiting for an extended period of time.